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Everything you need to know about precious metals

Gold and silver are the only tangible assets that have maintained their value through time and crisis. At VeraCash, they are the foundation of your account.

chambre forte ouverte sur une montagne d'or

Understanding the difference between the price and value of gold

The current era is one of judging value through price. This marketing vision, which has been successful for a large number of brands, whether in the luxury sector or not, cannot be applied to gold.

Managing your money

Here we help you make the best decisions about managing your money and savings.

Bureau de la FED, équivalent BCE

ECB, FED: 8 questions to understand their role in the economy

Essential to the monetary balance as well as to the financial stability, central banks seem to have become the guarantors of the very survival of the world economy. Real or exaggerated?

What's the latest news?

We regularly invite you to give your opinion on the most important news items. Create a discussion on your usual networks with the hashtag #debatVRC and your answers will be the subject of a future article on our blog.

Paying differently

Payment is undergoing a revolution, pay for your everyday purchases in gold with a debit card or by sending precious metals, anywhere in the world, instantly and free of charge.

Carte VeraCash sur terminal de paiement

How can I avoid bank charges abroad?

It's often a nasty surprise when you travel: high bank charges. Day-to-day expenses via your bank card, withdrawing money from an ATM, commissions and other charges can add up. Unless you make the…

VeraCash application mobile carte de débit et Vera Valor Elizabeth II

Gold and silver: modern payment methods?

Can we use gold and silver as currency nowadays, even though our spending habits are becoming increasingly electronic with cashless trades? Yes, because precious metals have always had an important…

Behind the scenes

The world is constantly changing and so is your VeraCash account! Keep up to date with our latest news.

VeraCash envisage de lever jusqu'à 2,5 millions d'euros

VeraCash is committed to fundraising to strengthen its reputation as an atypical neobank.

Don't pull your hair out! Because we know that our clients come to us mainly from the perspective of "nonbanking", we would like to reassure you right now: VeraCash will not become a bank that is, by…

Hasheur parle du stablecoin VeraOne et VeraCash

Gold-backed stablecoin: the differences between VeraOne and VeraCash

Learn more about our new project: VeraOne, a stablecoin based on physical and real gold! We explain all the differences between VRO and VeraCash