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All about precious metals?

Gold and silver are the only tangible assets that have maintained their value through time and crisis. At VeraCash®, they are the underlying assets of your account.

Manage your money ?

Here we help you make the most informed decisions about managing your money and savings.

How can we diversify savings at times of crisis?

How can we diversify savings at times of crisis?

What should you invest in during a crisis? Here's a roundup to help you understand how you can add a number of strings to your bow!

FinCEN Files VeraCash Bankster

FinCEN Files: A swirl of revelations about banks and money laundering

FinCEN Files, the scandal making banks tremble. VeraCash reviews the abuses in the banking system and the systematic circumvention of regulations.

Pay with gold ?

Payment is undergoing a revolution, pay for your everyday purchases in gold with a debit card or by sending value, anywhere in the world, instantly and free of charge.

VeraCash, modern golden payment

Gold and silver: modern payment methods?

Can we use gold and silver as currency nowadays, even though our spending habits are becoming increasingly electronic with cashless trades? Yes, because precious metals have always had an important…

Network of professionals and individuals on VeraCash

What the professionals who accept VeraCash have to say

Professionals have been working with the company VeraCash for some years now and accept payment in precious metals. Who are they and what changed with the introduction of gold into their cash flow?

Backstage ?

The world is constantly changing and so is your VeraCash® account! Keep up to date with our latest news.

Ignacio and Nicolas, COO and CMO

VeraCash® is committed to fundraising to strengthen its reputation as an atypical neobank.

In order to finance some ambitious developments that are much sought-after by our user community, we need to go through a phase of fundraising to allow us to move quickly whilst retaining the level…

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Latest news for 2020 at VeraCash®

If you have felt like we have, that time has been flying by, you might have missed the news in your VeraCash® Member Area!