Buy 100% physical silver

Buy 100% allocated silver, mostly composed of bullion and legal tender coins. VeraCash currently holds over 60 Tons of silver on behalf of its members.


The silver is allocated and backed exclusively by legal tender and bullion coins.

Characteristics of a 1 ounce legal tender silver coin

  • Gross weight: 31.12 g
  • Fineness: 999.7 ‰
  • Diameter: 40.00 mm
  • Thickness: 2.63 mm
  • Facial value: NZD 1
  • Premium: 17 %
Buy silver

With VeraCash, silver is mutualised, i.e. the coins are converted to grams and fully allocated to purchases made on the platform. A customer therefore owns grams of silver split between different coins held in our vaults. VeraCash guarantees 100% physical counterparty on purchases of silver.

Buy silver online

VeraCash gives you the ability to buy physical silver online simply, securely and digitally. You can buy or sell silver at spot price + 17 %. This premium of 17 % includes the cost of manufacture and logistics and takes account of the volume of trades in Vera Silver throughout the world.
VeraCash converts your euros into grams of physical silver. Storage in our ultra-secure vaults at the Geneva Free Ports is free of charge.

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Silver: a true currency

Paradoxically, silver has been somewhat neglected in the world of precious metals, whilst it is more popular than gold in terms of usage. Its physical properties have made it one of the best metal currencies since the dawn of time. Due to the cost of raw materials, the value of a silver coin is lower than a gold coin. For centuries, people have been using silver almost every day for trading purposes. Silver has the same protective qualities as gold but at a lower cost.

A guarantee of security

The Gibraltar and Zanzibar Vera Silver coins are the first silver investment coins in the world to each be given a unique reference, the first of their kind. This reference is a guarantee of authenticity, made possible by the use of a numbered Prooftag™ Bubble Tag, which makes forgery impossible. Each Vera Silver also has its own QR code and a Max Secure label, which records the coin in two separate databases.

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Code à bulle Prooftag sur les Vera Silver et Vera Zanzibar 1 once

Vera Silver: a unique coin

The Vera Silver is an ounce of silver designed in France with around 800,000 coins produced. Each stage of its creation – engraving, shaping, striking, polishing, cleaning – is carried out following a meticulous process in order to guarantee the fineness of the finished coin. The coining of the Vera Silver is carried out by a number of prominent European coin-makers, suppliers to prestigious brands.

Taxation for French residents

As Silver is backed by legal tender coins and investment gold, the taxation applied to this product is similar to that of GoldPremium.

The capital gains tax regime on the resale of movable assets such as “jewelry and similar (tokens)” and/or “legal tender coins” will be applied in the case of transactions exceeding 5000€. In this case, a tax of 36.2% will be applied on your gains. VeraCash members that are French tax residents must declare each transfer over 5000€ within 30 days. Below 5000€, the member does not have to declare anything and will not be subject to taxation. More info on the taxation of Silver and GoldSpot for French tax residents here.