Top up and use your VeraCash account

All means are good to top up your account: by bank transfer or by credit card. Your EUR are immediately converted into precious metals, at the price of the quotation at the time the funds are received and processed. The balance of your account is expressed in “VRC” units with a parity of 1 VRC=1 EUR.

Create my VeraCash Account
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Personal IBAN: simplify and secure your deposits

The personal IBAN allows you to quickly execute transfers to your VeraCash account. It secures bank transactions by identifying the sender and the recipient of a transaction.

Instant transfer: quick and efficient

As close as possible to the current quotation, it combines all the advantages of security and speed. Receiving instant transfers to your VeraCash IBAN is free(2).

Classic transfer: easy and free of charge

Free of charge and processed according to interbank delays (between 24 and 48 hours), it triggers the purchase of precious metals by following the quotation on the date of receipt.

mockup application veracash personal IBAN

Allocation: customise your portfolio

Before purchasing your precious metals, remember to choose your allocation from the mobile application or from the website, in the “My allocation” tab. Management fees and taxation differ for each metal.
Your EUR are converted into VRC units, backed by grams of physical gold and/or silver metal. Their allocation is set by default to 100% GoldSpot when you open your account. Good news: nothing is final. You can change it at any time!
VeraCash credit distribution
Screenshot of holding account

[New] EUR suspense account: plan your purchases

The EUR suspense account allows you to have EUR that you can convert into precious metals at any time within 15 days. This gives you full control over the price of gold or silver!

1. Activate the EUR suspense account: each deposit is then automatically deposited into your EUR suspense account.
2. Check your deposit allocation.
3. Buy precious metals at your chosen quotation within 15 days.
4. After this period, your deposit is automatically converted according to the allocation you have set up.

You will soon be able to schedule conversions.

You will also be able to choose to pay in EUR with your Mastercard.

Credit card deposit: spontaneous and flexible

Free(1) and secure, it also allows you to buy your precious metals at the current price. The only limit is linked to your card limits.

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