Crediting Your VeraCash Account

VeraCash accounts are outside the traditional banking system and are open to the general public. When you credit your account, your euros are immediately converted into precious metals and expressed as VeraCash (VRC) units.

Distribution gold/silver icon
Gold or silver, what’s your pleasure?

You are free to choose how your funds are distributed between precious metals, every time your account is credited. You can also reallocate the full contents of your VeraCash account by means of a swap.

From bank account to VeraCash account icon
From bank account to VeraCash account

Credit your account by bank transfer or bank card.

Currency conversion icon
Conversion into precious metals

Once your account has been credited, your euro currency is immediately converted into VeraCash money/tokens, with the amount now expressed in physical gold and silver.

Buy precious metals

It is almost disconcertingly easy to buy precious metals and convert them into VeraCash. It only takes a few seconds to make a deposit into your account, via either the mobile app or your online account.

VeraCash IBAN

A personal IBAN simplifies your deposits

Your personal IBAN allows you to quickly transfer money to your VeraCash account. It makes for secure bank transactions, by specifically identifying the issuer and the recipient.

Funds transferred to your VeraCash account must necessarily come from the bank account of the VeraCash account owner. At this point, it is not yet possible to accept funds directly from third parties (i.e. direct deposit of paychecks, etc.).

Buy at your own pace: the choice is yours

You are completely free to choose the frequency and amount of your account credits, made by bank transfer or bank card. There is no minimum deposit, and no income conditions are applied. When it comes to investing in precious metals, you don’t have to be a financial specialist to decide on the purchases you want to make.

Frequently-asked questions

Can I credit my VeraCash account from a payment institution that offers a prepaid card (e.g. Revolut, PCS, etc.)?

No. Only transfers from one or more banks are allowed. To learn more about these provisions, please review the “Security” page.

Do I have to report my VeraCash account as a foreign bank account?

Your VeraCash account is not considered to be a bank account. As a result, you do not need to report it to your tax authority.

Why do I need to provide my bank details in order to credit my VeraCash account?

Because VeraCash is a payment agent based in France, the company is subject to the French Monetary and Financial Code and must, therefore, be able to prove the source(s) of the funds. Please review the “Security” page for more information. You can have several issuing accounts, so long as they are all in your name, and you have provided their details to us, in advance.

What are the risks associated with buying precious metals?

Buying precious metals involves certain risks associated with price fluctuations. It is better to prioritize regular deposits than occasional, large deposits, as this will smooth out fluctuations in the prices of gold and silver.

Can I credit my VeraCash account from a foreign account?

Your VeraCash account must necessarily be credited in euro. This does not, however, prevent you from crediting your account by bank card or bank transfer from a foreign bank account, if that account is in your name and has been declared to the relevant tax authority, if required by your country’s tax law.

Once my VeraCash account has been confirmed, can I credit it by bank card?

Although our teams have verified that your VeraCash account information is complete, a waiting period (of several weeks, variable depending on the case) will apply, during which bank card deposits will be blocked. Once that waiting period is complete, you will be able to credit your VeraCash account directly using a bank card. In the meanwhile, you can still credit your VeraCash account by bank transfer.