Sending Precious Metals

VeraCash® has re-established physical gold and silver as a currency. You can now easily send precious metals to family and friends, at any time, via the VeraCash® app or website.

Send VeraCash® instantly

3, 2, 1… Recipients receive VeraCash® in a just a few seconds, while bank transfers can take up to 48 hours. Money needs to be able to circulate quickly.

Faster than cryptocurrency and less expensive than a bank, VeraCash® currency will accompany you at all times, wherever you go, and can be carried in your pocket – via the app!

Transfer money fee-free

It is completely free to send VeraCash® anywhere in the world, unlike most of today’s fund transfer solutions. And you will not be subject to the exchange rates of fiat currencies, because you are sending grammes of precious metals.

Payment reasons

Your currency for any occasion

Choose the reason for your VeraCash® payment directly in the app or on the website: pooled funds, gift, repayment or purchase from a merchant.

Refer friends and family to accrue VeraCash®

Take advantage of the VeraCash® network to refer friends and family and receive a bonus for each confirmed account! With each verified referral, you will be credited VRC 10! Your 10th referred account will earn you an extra VRC 40, giving you a total of VRC 50. And nothing could be easier than referring someone: just log into your account in the app or on the website.

Send VRC… and much more

Because financial transactions aren’t all you exchange with your friends and family, you can now send messages to your contacts via our internal messaging system. Money also has social uses.

You decide what to spend

New feature

You choose how your withdrawals are distributed! In other words, you can decide which products will be debited when you use your VeraCash® card.
Want to hold on to your GoldPremium and your silver? No problem! You can just spend your GoldSpot reserves!

Locking precious metals spending

Frequently asked questions

How do I send precious metals to someone?

VeraCash offers the option of sending grams of precious metal to other members on the platform for free, from your account on the website or in the app. This feature is called sending VeraCash or sending VRC.

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What are the limits on sending/transferring VeraCash?

For security purposes, the VeraCash send feature is capped. The limit will vary, depending on the statuses of the sending and receiving accounts.

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How do I refer someone to become a VeraCash member?

You can share the VeraCash service with friends or family by means of a referral. This involves transferring precious metals to them or sending them an invitation by email, directly from the app or the website.

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