Vault audits

Since its creation,—a service provided by VeraCash®, a subsidiary of—has been dedicated to offering maximum transparency to our members, as per our professional code of ethics and our strong, sincere moral code. We were a pioneer in France for our business model and are still well ahead of the curve. Our dynamic, responsive nature has earned us the interest and trust of our members

Because of our desire for transparency, independence and complete control over our logistics, we have enlisted the services of the ALS Group to audit our vaults and perform a wide array of verifications to guarantee that our members’ precious metals are actually in our vaults.

ALS Inspection is a major player in the fields of inspection, analysis and certification. Since 1978, the ALS Group has specialised in inspecting, weighing, sampling and analysing metals, minerals and ores, precious metals and solid fuels. A world-renowned player with more than 30 years of experience worldwide, ALS has a network of certified labs that use cutting-edge technology to provide precise analyses and certifications.