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A transition period is underway for all our existing customers. A new and more robust system will shortly allow us to offer new services. To receive your new card free of charge and on time, please login to your Member area.

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Gold and silver grammes prices in real time

The gold and silver quotations displayed on the VeraCash website and app show the prices at which a member can buy and sell the gold, stored in our vaults on his behalf, in an instant. The quotation is updated every 15 minutes.

GoldSpot icon Spot price per gram of gold + 0% premium
55,60 EUR 59,44 USD 47,42 GBP 57,10 CHF
GoldPremium icon Spot price per gram of gold + 4% premium
57,82 EUR 61,81 USD 49,32 GBP 59,38 CHF
Silver icon Spot price per gram of silver
0,79 EUR 0,84 USD 0,67 GBP 0,81 CHF
Vera Valor and Vera Silver coins

Secure your savings during times of crisis

Physical gold and silver are the safest of investments. All around the world, investors turn to these assets when stock markets become unstable.

Manage your account in the blink of an eye

The VeraCash® mobile app lets you send and receive VeraCash® for free, manage your account and your debit card in the blink of an eye, and top up your account.

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