VeraCash app and payment card

Payment card and precious metals backed account. Since 2012

Through VeraCash®, you can save money and make payments using precious metals!
With an account, a payment card and a currency all backed by physical gold and silver, escape the traditional banking system without changing your habits!
Thousands of users have already adopted VeraCash®. Why not join them?

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Make payments and send money
instantly for free

3, 2, 1… Recipients receive VeraCash® in a just a few seconds, while bank transfers can take up to 48 hours. You can send VeraCash® anywhere in the world free of charge, which you can’t do with most of today’s wallets and payment solutions.

Turn your gold into currency with a Mastercard debit card

You can use your precious metals as currency at any time with the VeraCash® debit card. Unlike banks, VeraCash® doesn’t charge fees for using its Mastercard® debit card for withdrawing cash or making payments outside the eurozone.

Vera Valor and Vera Silver coins

Secure your savings during times of crisis

Physical gold and silver are the safest of investments. All around the world, investors turn to these assets when stock markets become unstable.

Manage your account in the blink of an eye

The VeraCash® mobile app lets you send and receive VeraCash® for free, manage your account and your debit card in the blink of an eye, and top up your account.

Gold and silver prices

Your alternative to banks:

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