The price of gold

Real-time gold price chart in euros

By default, the gold price on VeraCash® is shown in grams of gold and denominated in euros (EUR). However, you can use the filters to view:

  • the price of an ounce of gold,
  • the price of gold in other currencies, US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP) and Swiss francs (CHF),
  • the price history for up to 5 years,
  • the price of other materials, silver and diamonds.
  • The price chart displays the spot price in real time on the professional gold market, located on the "GoldSpot Price" tab. The "GoldPremium Price" is specific to VeraCash®: it consists of the spot price to which is added a variable premium explained below.

    The gold quotes shown on the VeraCash site and app represent the prices at which a member can buy and resell the gold held on their behalf in our treasury at that time. The quote is updated every 15 minutes (the price is frozen on weekends) and is always accessible.

    How is the spot price of gold calculated?

    If you want to buy gold, it is interesting to know how the gold market works. The price of gold is constantly changing and many factors influence this fluctuation. Supply and demand, current events or even market speculation all have an impact on how the price of gold is determined.

    The "spot" price is the cash price equivalent of gold at which professionals trade gold on stock exchanges. Gold and other precious metals (silver, palladium and platinum) are bought and sold 24 hours a day on the New York (COMEX + NYMEX + CBOT + CME), London (LBMA), Sydney, Hong Kong and Zurich stock exchanges. These stock exchanges influence and determine the spot price of gold.

    What is the current price of a gram of gold?

    VeraCash® displays the price of gold in grams on its charts by default, since the physical gold you buy is converted into digital tokens expressed in grams to 5 decimal places.
    To view the price per gram of gold in euros, dollars, pounds sterling or Swiss francs, please consult the table below:

    Icône Goldspot cours de l'or spot international Price per gram of gold in real time + premium 0%
    58,14 EUR 62,65 USD 50,91 GBP 57,72 CHF
    Icône Goldpremium cours de l'or VeraCash Price per gram of gold in real time + premium 6%
    61,63 EUR 66,41 USD 53,96 GBP 61,19 CHF

    What is the current price of an ounce of gold?

    VeraCash® also allows you to filter the price of an ounce of gold on its charts.
    The price of an ounce of gold is shown in the table below in euros, dollars, pounds sterling and Swiss francs:

    Icône Goldspot cours de l'or spot international Price per ounce of gold in real time + premium 0%
    1 808,42 EUR 1 948,79 USD 1 583,45 GBP 1 795,40 CHF
    Icône Goldpremium cours de l'or VeraCash Price per ounce of gold in real time + premium 6%
    1 916,92 EUR 2 065,71 USD 1 678,46 GBP 1 903,12 CHF

    Features of the VeraCash® listing

    The price of gold on VeraCash® is updated every 15 minutes, Monday through Friday (CEST). Along with the international gold price, the VeraCash® quotation can fluctuate upward or downward depending on changes in the calculation parameters mentioned above.

    The "GoldSpot" spot quote results from the aggregation of different data*:

  • the spot price for gold (XAU),
  • the LBMA Gold Price,
  • data from the global markets cited above in which precious metals are traded.
  • The "GoldPremium" quotation adds a premium onto the spot price that is calculated according to the volume of the exchanges on all the group's platforms, including, VeraCash® and VeraOne (LinGold) as well as the manufacturing costs of the Vera Valor currency.

    The gold products that constitute the store of value deposited in the VeraCash® account are physical, 100% allocated and regularly audited and monitored.

    The gold bars and gold coins stored in our safes at Geneva Freeports are products recognised by local and international markets, especially due to their universal format. These are "Good Delivery" gold products, following a universally recognized quality standard certified by the foundry assayer's stamp placed on each product by partner foundries, systematically members of the LBMA.

    *Source :

    What is the gold price in the United Kingdom?

    In the United Kingdom, the price of gold is determined on the basis of LBMA Gold Price, a price administered by the ICE Benchmark Administration Ltd., an independent third party provider that provides the price platform, methodology as well as the overall administration and governance for the LBMA Gold Price. The price is set in US dollars. Sterling and euro prices are available but these are indicative prices for settlement purposes only. Gold prices are set twice a day, at 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. This Gold Price is established on the basis of electronic auctions conducted on the ICE Trading Platform auctions, the final prices of which are then published as the LBMA Gold Price.

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    Why is the price of GoldPremium higher than the spot rate?

    The price is set in consideration of the purchasing and sales transactions carried out on the website and is weighted according to fluctuations in the products’ international rates.

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    Do I have to declare my purchases and sales of precious metals?

    The need to declare purchases and sales is dependent on your country’s tax jurisdiction.

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    Do I have to pay taxes on purchases and sales of gold and silver?

    The sale of gold may be taxed in certain European countries. Please contact your tax office for more information.

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