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Our mission

VeraCash was created by an entrepreneur who appreciates gold as a precautionary savings tool, as a modern, viable alternative to classic currencies and as an instrument of freedom and protection against a loss of buying power. Jean-François Faure, the founder of VeraCash, wants to make precious metals as accessible as possible and to develop a durable gold-backed currency based on strong values. The VeraCash payment card was the first step in this revolution in payments with gold. Shortly after the company was created in 2015, the function of sending grams of gold was launched to provide a peer-to-peer means of exchange, separate from the banking world, with the goal of enabling payments between private citizens. In 2017, VeraCash brought professionals into its ecosystem with the aim of offering a network of services and merchants along short, ethical supply channels.

The name “VeraCash” comes from the Latin vera for “true” and “cash”, or money. “Vera” is the symbol shared by several of our brands, including “VeraValor” (gold coins minted by our group). “Vera” is a clear affirmation of our ethical commitment to a sustainable economy, short consumer channels and environmental protection. In short, VeraCash is “true money”.

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A large proportion of our precious metals comes from the recycling industry. Our “refiner” partners in Spain and Switzerland are LBMA certified, guaranteeing the quality and provenance of our physical gold.

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Guaranteed security

VeraCash stores your gold at the Free Ports and Warehouses of Geneva, Switzerland, where audits are carried out annually to ensure that the assets in VeraCash members’ accounts are physically present.

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Our partners

Ports-Francs et entrepôts de Genève

Ports Francs et Entrepôts de Genève

The Free Ports and Warehouses of Geneva (Ports Francs et Entrepôts de Genève) have some of the most secure vaults in the world, perfect for storing the tonnes of precious metals held by our members.

Prepaid Financial Services

Prepaid Financial Services

PFS is a payment institution based in England. Through this partner, we are able to issue debit cards and personal IBANs.

Escal Consulting

Escal Consulting

Escal Consulting has been assisting VeraCash for several years now with our press relations and public relations.

French Tech Bordeaux

French Tech Bordeaux

VeraCash is a member of French Tech, a group which encompasses any and all French startups with international ambitions.

Working with supervisory authorities


Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution

The ACPR (Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority) approves VeraCash’s activities via the FCA.

French customs


French and Swiss Customs conduct surprise audits of our inventory to verify their consistency with the company’s accounts.

To be able to offer secure, compliant services to our members, VeraCash collaborates with a number of financial authorities like the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and French Customs.

A subsidiary of the French group AuCOFFRE.com



AuCOFFRE.com is the French leader for buying and selling of silver and gold coins (only available in French).

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Blog VeraCash

VeraCash blog

A blog designed for VeraCash users.

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Blog l'or et l'argent

L’Or et l’Argent blog

An economic blog created in 2009 (only available in French).

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Blue Ocean Awards

In December 2017, VeraCash gets a reward in the Blue Ocean Award Mentor category. In November 2019, VeraCash gets a reward in the Legend category.


In 2017, VeraCash has been ranked 74th in the FrenchWeb rating of the 500 French tech companies, and 65th in 2018.


In March 2018, VeraCash gets a reward in the Instant Payment category.

SNCF Développement

In March 2018, VeraCash gets the reward "Pépite Génération French Tech 2018" in the Payment category.