Our aim: to give “real” meaning to money in a constantly-changing world.

Today’s global economy is regularly shaken by major events that create enormous uncertainty. Whether we are investors or savers, we are all looking for stability.
Gold and silver have always been used as monetary instruments, ever since the first coin was struck in 500 BC. Today, gold is seen as the ultimate safe haven. If precious metals are used for savings nowadays, why not bring them back into use as currency? VeraCash was created in 2015 for exactly this purpose. Its goal: to offer a simple and secure way to buy precious metals, to exchange them and use them as a means of payment. VeraCash eliminates fees on payments between individuals, commissions on currency exchanges for foreign payments and for business transactions.

VeraCash was created by an enthusiast strongly in favour of using gold as a safe haven for savings, a modern and viable alternative to classic currencies and an instrument to offer freedom and protection against the loss of purchasing power. Jean-François Faure wants to make buying or holding precious metals available to as many people as possible and to develop a sustainable currency based on strong values. The VeraCarte payment card was the first step in this payment revolution. Shortly after the company was created in 2015, the “grammes of gold” transfer feature was launched, a means of making peer-to-peer exchanges independent of the banking system, in order to enable payments between individuals. In 2017, VeraCash was opened to corporate customers thus creating a network of services and merchants, limiting the number of intermediaries and placing greater emphasis on ethical values.

The name "VeraCash" comes from the Latin, "Vera" meaning "real" and "cash" as in money. "Vera" is the common symbol for many of our brands including "VeraValor" (gold coins minted by our Group) and "VeraCarte". "Vera" is a clear statement of our ethical commitment, in favour of a sustainable economy, direct transactions with as few intermediaries as possible for consumers and respect for the environment. In short, VeraCash is "real money".

Our precious metals come largely from the recycling industry. Our "refiners" in Spain and Switzerland are LBMA certified, which guarantees the quality and origin of our physical gold.