No hidden fees, only transparency.

VeraCash account usage
Personal account opening(1) Free
Professional account opening(1) Free
Personal information modification
(bank account, mailing address)

(1) Inhabitants of countries approved by the FATF.

Credit: purchase of precious metals
Gold purchase service fees
From EUR to gold
3% of the amount
Silver purchase service fees
From EUR to silver
7% of the amount
Diamond purchase service fees
From EUR to diamond
10% of the amount
Credit by bank transfer(2) Free
Credit by credit card(3) 0,8% of the amount

(2) Occasional or automatic purchase of precious metals by bank transfer.
(3) Occasional or automatic purchase of precious metals by credit card.

Transfer of precious metals from peer-to-peer
Transfer of precious metals - Sending(4) Free
Transfer of precious metals - Receiving(4) Free

(4) Precious metals transfers are expressed in VRC. The VRC (or VeraCash) is the unit of currency backed by precious metals. It is exchangeable, VRC 1 = EUR 1, and vice versa.

Debit: resale of precious metals
Precious metals resale by VeraCash Mastercard® service fees Free
Precious metals resale by bank transfer in France service fees 1% of the amount
Precious metals resale by bank transfer overseas service fees 1% of the amount + 30€
Precious metals resale service fees for a permutation(5) 1% of the amount

(5) Precious metals resale in order to re-balance one's wallet and purchase gold, silver or diamond.

VeraCash Mastercard®
Issuing of new VeraCash Mastercard®(6) Free
Payment by card in Euro zone Free
Payment by card outside the Euro zone(7) Free
ATM withdrawal in Euro(8) Free
ATM withdrawal in foreign currency(8) Free

(6) Inhabitants of the SEPA zone.
(7) The payment card VeraCash Mastercard® is perfect when used abroad because the conversion rate from EUR to foreign currencies is closest to the "spot" conversion rate.
(8) Despite all the advantages of a VeraCash account, we are pleased to offer withdrawal of money from ATM free of charge.

Precious metals vaulting in Switzerland(9) Free
Online monthly statement Free
(€20 for a paper duplicate)
Reissue replacement card (due to a malfunction) Free
Payment cancellation fees 25€
Reissue of payment card's confidential code 7€
Reissue of payment card before due date 30€
Documents, slips or receipts research Available on quotation
Registered mail following customer's request Available on quotation
"Oxidation" (10) 0,02%/day
Estate management 100€
Termination of VeraCash service Free

(9) Unlimited vaulting in Geneva's Free Ports.
(10) Starts from March 15st, 2018. In order to avoid the oxidation charge, you just need to use your VeraCash account on a regular basis through one of these methods: payment/withdrawal by the VeraCash card, VRC transfers, credit to the account and referrals are considered activities.


Frequently asked questions

What are the conditions to be eligible for a free VeraCash account?

Your VeraCash account stays free as long as you use it at least once per semester. The different methods can be by crediting the account, by paying with your VeraCash, by doing a bank transfer or by sending precious metals from peer-to-peer. Otherwise, your precious metals will oxidize...

"Oxidation"? What is that?

VeraCash's purpose, in order to grow, is to prove that gold and silver can be a real cornerstone to the real economy, and that they are dynamic commodities, just like currencies. Therefore, we made a huge decision: accounts that are deemed inactive will finance the actions led by VeraCash to strive as a positive and active money. We put a name on that measure: the "oxidation".

How does the oxidation work? After 6 months of inactivity, the oxidation will "nibble" your gold and silver, and your account will lose some of its value everyday... until you complete another transaction.

You could say "Hey! I am no chemist, but I sure know that gold does not oxidize!". In fact, the oxidation on VeraCash is comparable to a virtual "alkaline cyanide bath"; it wipes your gold slowly by redox and results in a loss of its value.

Therefore, you can avoid the "oxidation", simply by doing at least one transaction per semester!

How do I know if my account is deemed inactive?

Don't worry! VeraCash will let you know!

1) You will receive several emails during the last weeks prior to due date. Make sure to check your inbox once in a while! ;-)

2) For the mobile app users, notifications will be sent directly to your phone. Make sure you have activated app notifications in your settings. Promise, we won't spam you!

Are there fees on payments and withdrawals outside the Euro zone?

Are you aware that "invisible" fees, included in the currency exchange rate, are levied every time you withdraw money or pay for something overseas? You might not know, because who would like to constantly check their bank account when on a vacation?

In fact, most of the banks drive up the exchange rate from a currency to another so they can levy extra charges, in addition to other standard bank charges... surprise!

VeraCash does not levy this kind of charge on payments and withdrawals outside of the Euro zone. It directly applies the Mastercard exchange rate, which is the closest to the spot interbank prices. Therefore, next time you leave the Euro zone, do not forget your VeraCash card and make sure to check the spot exchange rates on! ;-)

I do not know a lot about gold, but a 3% fee is kind of expensive, isn't it?

Really? If you think that 3% is high, we suggest you should check several life insurances' fee schedules: X% service fees every year starting from 2.5% to several other charges on deposits, arbitration fees, alert fees, etc.

When joining VeraCash, you pay an "entrance fee" on gold (3%) and on silver (7%). Following that, the way you use the service can be entirely free: be it by paying with your VeraCash card or by sending VRCs from peer-to-peer.

To go even further, you can compare VeraCash to other similar services, such as PayPal: approximately 3% charges on money transfers from peer-to-peer. With VeraCash, there is 0% fees on... all your transfers.