Bank notes raining on a bank

VeraCash®: simply the best non-bank account

Bank notes raining on a bank

Between subprime loans, market manipulation, interest rates, money laundering, tax fraud and so on, finance uses every legal—and illegal—tool in the box to boost its profits and avoid paying taxes. How can you entrust your money to institutions you no longer trust?

Although it's essentially impossible to forego banks in our everyday lives, we can still choose not to leave all of our money with them! VeraCash® offers accounts and payment cards outside the banking system, secured by safe investment instruments!

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Benefits of the VeraCash® non-bank account

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Protect yourself against future crises

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Transfer value free of charge

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A transparent account in good standing

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Clear pricing with no hidden conditions

Lehman Brothers 2008: employees running

Financial crisis of 2008 and bank failures

The 2008 crisis revealed the weakness of the banking system and its practices which pose a threat to the global economy: the big international banks were largely responsible for the crisis. The collapse of Lehman Brothers pointed the finger at a major problem: there are so-called "systemically important" banks whose failure could lead to new and far-reaching crises, or even monetary losses for their clients. Yes, European clients have already had their accounts tapped into in order to bail out their banks!

Bank run in Greece

Bank runs prevented in Cyprus and Greece

Europe has been having a hard time of it… In 2013, to avoid a collapse, the Cypriot State froze accounts worth more than €100,000 at the two largest banks in the country (Bank of Cyprus and Laiki). All banks in the country were subsequently shut down for 12 days to prevent massive withdrawals by the whole population as a result of panic. It was Greece's turn in 2015 to be on the brink of implosion: cash machine withdrawals were limited to €60 per day for a full week.

Storefront of an American bank

Hidden fees and opaque exchange rates

When we look over our financial statements at the end of the month, we sometimes discover unexpected debit lines: service fees, monthly fees, subscription fees and more. Although it may only be a few cents a month, we still feel powerless as we sit by, watching our money dwindle. And when you travel abroad, banks systematically take a hidden commission called a ‘spread’, included in their exchange rates.

Large-scale money laundering and tax fraud

Do big international banks feel a sense of impunity? It seems that the colossal fines imposed since 2008 are not yet working as a deterrent.

EUR 9 billion for BNP Paribas

The bank acknowledged violating the US embargo against Cuba, Iran and Sudan.

A total of EUR 40 billion in fines linked to subprime loans

JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America were penalized by the American courts.

EUR 3.26 billion for manipulating foreign exchange rates

JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, HSBC and RBS were accused of manipulating the foreign exchange markets.

EUR 5 billion for Goldman Sachs

The bank was condemned by the American judiciary in the matter of the subprime crisis.

EUR 7.2 billion for Deutsche Bank

The bank paid a penalty to avoid legal action linked to subprime loans.

EUR 3.5 billion for UBS

It was accused of “illegally soliciting clients" and " laundering the proceeds of tax evasion" in France.

EUR 1.2 billion for Société Générale

The bank also violated the US embargo against Cuba, Iran and Sudan.

Take back the control of your money with VeraCash®!

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A non-bank account for protection against future crises

VeraCash® is not a bank, but rather a fintech (financial technology) company whose business it is to turn physical assets into digital currency outside the traditional financial system. VeraCash® does not "put your gold to work" to make a profit. Instead, the precious metals are stored in vaults and belong exclusively to you, meaning that, in the event of a bank collapse, your capital will not be affected, in any way, as it is completely separate from that system.

Icon VeraCash transfers

Banks and cash machines closed? No need to panic!

The VeraCash® payment card is a Mastercard® like any other. If banks and/or cash machines are closed in a particular geographic area, VeraCash® cards won't work either. However, thanks to an innovative solution, you can ‘transfer VeraCash® currency instantly, to anywhere in the world.

Icon transparency

Demand account transparency

At VeraCash®, integrity, stability and transparency are in our DNA. For example, we guarantee our inventory of precious metals down to the gramme,by means of independent annual audits. And because those values are important to us, our company works actively to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Clear pricing

With VeraCash, there are no hidden fees: no surprises, no complicated price schedule and no conditions buried in a footnote. It's all there for you to see. In fact, you simply pay for the purchase of precious metals and fees if your account has been inactive for more than six months, but you pay no commissions on debit transactions. And if you travel abroad, just compare transactions on your VeraCash® card and on your classic bank card to see the difference!