VeraCash, the solution for diversifying your savings with precious metals

Due to a lack of a satisfactory solution for private individuals, it was mainly the financial professionals and their wealthy clients who benefited from diversification with gold…

But times are changing, with VeraCash, now anyone can diversify their savings with precious metals, regardless of the arrangement of their assets!

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Diversify and secure your assets with gold

Diversification is a key concern for any good manager who is worried about “not putting all his or her eggs in one basket”. It involves reducing exposure to the specific risk of a particular investment by spreading wealth over different asset categories.

Although a large number of individuals do indeed try to apply the main principles of diversification as best they can, it is generally only between two major asset categories: real estate market and stock market.

The problem is that in the event of economic or financial difficulties, these two markets tend to move in tandem, and therefore offer relatively poor diversification…

And although it seems that investment products (life insurance, housing savings, equity saving plans, etc.) are a form of good diversification, this variety changes nothing. And for good reason: in the end, these products are all linked closely, and thus, it does not provide any real advantage in terms of diversification.

Instead of sticking to the common asset categories (real estate and the stock market), but avoiding new and volatile markets such as crypto-currencies, smart investors like to invest in one of the most popular assets of all time: gold.

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Decoupled from the stock market and property prices, the precious yellow metal enjoys a highly attractive dual status for any saver, as it is considered both a safe haven and an insurance against inflation.

Investing a portion of your assets in precious metals, and gold in particular, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reduce your exposure to the risks inherent in the stock and real estate markets.

Simplify your asset management

The secret to good diversification is not rocket science. The challenge is having the relevant information to make the right decisions yourself and finding the time to implement them.

Of course, it is still possible to turn to your banker or to contact an asset management adviser. However, this can quickly add up without guaranteeing the impartiality of your representative, whose recommendations will sometimes be guided solely by their commission system…

DCA - bull and bear markets

DCA investment strategy : The solution?

Don't look for a complex financial product

Don't use a derivative (let alone a complex structured product) to invest in gold and risk seeing your fees soar and performance fall.

Don't try to beat the market

There is no need to play trader and go all-in on the gold market for your first day.

Keep it simple and invest gradually with VeraCash

In order to smooth out the fluctuations of gold in the market, smart investors prefer to buy small amounts directly each month. A strategy known as "Dollar Cost Investing".

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Enjoy the benefits of precious metals (without the inconvenience)

Despite their many advantages, precious metals have been ignored by investors until now due to their lack of liquidity and high prices.

VeraCash finally liberates precious metals from these inconveniences, much to the delight of savers. Now, dematerialized gold held via a VeraCash account is just as liquid as the euros deposited in your savings account, and a few euros are enough to acquire your first grams of gold!

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