VeraCash, the solution for passing down your gold directly

Passing down your assets to your family often comes with a lot of administrative hassle and many unknowns, especially in terms of taxation…

With VeraCash, you finally have a simple, secure and modern way to hand down your gold to your loved ones instantly!

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Give your loved ones happiness, by gifting them precious metals

Birthday, wedding or a new addition to the family… Whatever the occasion, send your loved ones a gift worthy of the event by sending them a few grams of gold directly from your VeraCash mobile application.

Formerly popular, the tradition of gifting gold has unfortunately been gradually lost. Over the last few decades, it changed to paper cheques and then to bank transfers, which often go unnoticed between the electricity bill and the telephone bill.

With VeraCash, gold is finally making a comeback!
For your next gift, don’t send a common money transfer which would be lost among many others. Mark the occasion with style and make your next surprise a thoughtful one, something your loved ones will remember for a long time. No need to wait until you have the resources to offer a whole bar or even a Napoleon! VeraCash dematerializes and democratizes sending gold by allowing you to send small amounts on a regular or occasional basis to your loved ones with ease.

Sending wealth to loved ones through VeraCash

A tax-free gift for the occasion

When gold is gifted on the occasion of a specific event, and as long as it remains reasonable, it is considered a “gift”. It is therefore neither taxable nor taken into account in the inheritance.

When you send precious metals to a loved one for free via the VeraCash application as a gift, donation, reimbursement or even pocket money, your transfer is therefore free of any state levy. Thus, your beneficiary is free to enjoy the full amount transmitted as they wish.

The ideal gift for the new generation

Because your children’s and grandchildren’s generation will be travelling the world, they particularly appreciate being able to spend their money abroad as they please, without having to worry about how their bank card works, or even the exchange fees that could significantly reduce their purchasing power.

With the VeraCash account, your beneficiaries can finally live their life as globetrotters at 100%. They can count on the availability of precious metals whose value is universally recognised and can be mobilised, free of charge, from any corners of the world.

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Finally, the new generation has, by definition, their whole life ahead of them. Allowing them to build up stable savings, protected from inflation over time through regular transfers, is undoubtedly the best way to help them build their future today; a long-term asset management approach coupled with the possibility of spending or withdrawing all or part of their savings at any time in a matter of seconds.

How to offer gold or silver to your relatives?

Ready to send precious metals to your loved ones? It couldn’t be easier!

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Once your account is completed and validated, you can immediately send your first precious metal transfer to the beneficiary of your choice with complete security, and the beneficiary will then be able to enjoy it instantly as they wish via their free account!

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