GoldPremium: allocated gold with a premium

Buy physical gold, made of bullion tokens and legal tender gold coins. VeraCash currently holds more than 5 tons of physical gold on behalf of its members, mostly GoldPremium, its core business.


Gold allocated and backed exclusively by legal tender and bullion coins

Characteristics of a 1 ounce legal tender gold coin

  • Weight (grams): 31.10g
  • Fineness: 999.9‰
  • Dimensions: 32.00mm Diameter x 2.00mm Thick
  • Premium: 3 %
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On VeraCash, gold is allocated, meaning that the coins are divided into grams and fully alloted to purchases made on the platform. A customer becomes therefore the owner of fractions of coins held securely in our vaults. We guarantee every gram of gold you purchase is backed up by physical gold securely vaulted.

Our core business

GoldPremium is our signature product: allocated physical gold that allows you to own fractions of legal tender coins and gold for investment. By its very nature, GoldPremium is the ideal safe haven in the event of a crisis since it benefits from a premium. Its flexibility guarantees your assets protection.

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Gold bullion Napoleon price and premium variation in 2008

Our premium has your back

GoldPremium has the great advantage of having a premium: the difference between the weight price of a coin and its resale price. In times of crisis, the premium on gold coins may fall behind the international gold price. Other factors that can affect the premium are its manufacture, conservation and collection. The rarer the coin and the better its condition, the more valuable it will be.

It was the case in 2008 when the price of gold stagnated despite the crisis. The Napoleon 20F coins’ resale price soared at the end of the year. Thus, even though its gold weight was worth 101€ at the time, it was possible to sell it at more than 140€ at its peak in October.

Vera Valor: GoldPremium’s spotlight

In order to allow you to benefit from the premium, GoldPremium is backed by legal tender coins and investment gold. Among these, the Vera Valor is the most popular. The VeraValor is the best-selling ounce of gold in France: minted since 2012 by the company AuCOFFRE, it has the particularity of being made of 999.9‰ pure gold. It comes from recycling and is therefore, LBMA certified. In terms of taxation, its category is movable property.

Taxation for French residents

As GoldPremium is backed by legal tender coins and investment gold, the taxation applied to this product is different from that of GoldSpot.


The capital gains tax regime on the resale of movable assets such as “jewelry and similar (tokens)” and/or “legal tender coins” will be applied in the case of transactions exceeding 5000€. In this case, a tax of 36.2% will be applied on your gains. VeraCash members that are French tax residents must declare each transfer over 5000€ within 30 days. Below 5000€, the member does not have to declare anything and will not be subject to taxation. More info on the taxation of GoldPremium and GoldSpot for French tax residents here.