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The advantage of gold is that it protects your capital, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to use as a payment method today… except with VeraCash, the first solution to let you use your precious metals to pay for everyday purchases!

Nowadays, only 7% of the money supply is made up of fiat money. The rest of our money is just lines on an account, otherwise known as bank money. We are also moving closer and closer to becoming a cashless society, in which all of our transactions are recorded electronically and traceable by banking institutions. This makes it look even more impossible to get out of the banking system while continuing to be a daily consumer… but VeraCash has managed it!

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The first debit card backed by gold

At the heart of the VeraCash service, the debit card lets you withdraw money from cash machines and pay for your purchases in shops, just like any other bank card… only better!

A gold card

Ideal for travel abroad


The real Mastercard gold card

Premium bank cards have appropriated the word ‘gold’ for very good reason: gold has always represented excellence. And that is why VeraCash has decided to restore the meaning of the gold card by offering our members a completely free payment card backed by gold and silver. The precious metals you own through VeraCash are therefore completely liquid, because your corner shop gets paid in gold, without even knowing it!

VeraCash Debit Card
VeraCash card and credit card payment machine

A card with no foreign transaction fees

Unlike classic bank cards, the VeraCash card does not add any currency exchange fees, when you withdraw money or make payments abroad. Only the Mastercard® rate is applied, affording you significant savings while travelling – by avoiding the previously obligatory trip to an expensive currency exchange agency, for example.

A debit card with multiple benefits

Your VeraCash card is a contactless card that is easy to adapt via the mobile app or your account area In fact, you can freeze your card, disable the contactless feature, report a lost or stolen card, track your spending and even change your limits, all in just a few clicks.

Plus, over and above the technical side, the VeraCash card is a great asset when you have capital gains, because it increases your buying power: since the grammes of gold or silver that you bought through VeraCash are now worth more than they were at purchase, it becomes advantageous for you to spend them!

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Peer-to-peer transfers of precious metals

VeraCash transfers are transfers of precious metals from one account to another. They follow the same principle as bank transfers, only better! Let us explain why.

Free and instant

Send VRC across the world

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How to send money between VeraCash users

While VeraCash offers you a card and an account backed by gold and silver, you can also use it as currency, because the VRC (VeraCash) is the unit used to record your portfolio of precious metals in your account. So, it is clear that we should be able to transfer that account unit from one member to another.

When you log into the VeraCash mobile app or your account area, you can send precious metals to other platform users, at no cost to you, in the form of a gift, a pooled fund, a reimbursement or even pocket money sent to a Youth Account.

VeraCash app on phone
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An ideal solution for sending money abroad with no fees

Unlike bank transfers and remittance services, it is completely free to send VeraCash instantly. In just a few seconds, you can repay your neighbour or give your child some financial assistance on the other side of the planet. The fact that this is instant and free makes our card the perfect instrument for securely sending money abroad.

Expand your VeraCash network through referrals

The VeraCash community is always growing, and our platform members can contribute to this through our referral programme, simply send some VRC to to somebody’s email address or send them an invitation.

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