What is VeraCash?

VeraCash is a tradable currency, one that is outside the banking system and 100% secured by physical precious metals: gold and silver.

As a tradable currency VeraCash enables you to send money to friends and family, shop or pay for services anywhere in the world and promote common values, etc. However, unlike paper money, VeraCash protects you from potential bankruptcy and unfavourable currency fluctuations.
Securely stored in the vaults of Geneva Free Ports & Warehouses, the precious metals that back your account are your property and yours alone.

  • Simplifies transactions.
  • Maintains your long-term buying power.
  • Protects against inflation.
  • Boosts exchanges through an increased monetary flow.
  • Fosters an exchange economy.
  • Encourages people to take back control over their money.

Open your personal VeraCash account, 0 paperwork.

Create your account in less than 5 minutes, directly via the VeraCash mobile app or web platform. No subscription to pay, no minimum income and no minimum deposit are required, zero paperwork! You simply have to prove your identity in order to use your account to its fullest potential.

Application VeraCash
  1. 1

    Personal details

    Enter your personal details.

  2. 2

    Sign in details

    Memorize your username, generate your public ID and choose your secret key.

  3. 3


    Upload the three documents required for your account to be approved.

  4. 4


    Decide on your choice of precious metals and their distribution.

  5. 5


    Purchase your precious metals with no minimum deposit.

When you credit your VeraCash account, the currency is automatically converted into grammes of precious metal, according to the distribution you have chosen. Each gramme of precious metal is stored in a high security vault thus acting as a 100% physical guarantee for your VeraCash. Your VeraCash account is expressed in VRC units, where 1 VRC = 1 EUR.