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VeraCash® is an online account backed by physical precious metals and diamonds and it comes with a fee-free payment card.

Top up your VeraCash® account buying precious metals: your euros are instantly converted into grammes of gold or silver. Your account is expressed in units of currency called VRC, where VRC 1 is equivalent to EUR 1. Your balance will be updated every 15 minutes, based on the listed prices for your precious metals.

[INFORMATION] Since October 2021 and our transition to a new Electronic Money Institution (EMI), some information on this page are outdated. People whom residency is one of the following can open a VeraCash account: Belgium, France and all its DOM-TOM, Germany, Italy and Spain.
For existing customers outside these countries, VeraCash® expects to receive a confirmation soon from its EMI, in order to know if we will be able to provide a new IBAN and new debit card.

A world-class account, backed by physical gold to protect your money

Individual account icon VeraCash

Personal account

Protect 5% to 10% of your savings against low interest rates, fiat currencies and bank speculation with physical gold.
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Business account icon VeraCash

Business account

Secure a portion of your funds and get a free payment card for making payments in any currency with no exchange fee.
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Youth account icon VeraCash

Youth account

Transfer pocket money to your child and manage their card spending without any fees or other charges.
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Trusted assets to build your portfolio as you choose

You can reap all the benefits of reliable, universal assets according to your investor profile or place of residence.

Goldspot icon VeraCash


Backed by gold ingots, it is indexed to the international spot rate and ultra-competitively priced.
Gold spot rate - Learn more

Goldpremium icon VeraCash


Backed by bullion coins and legal tender coins, indexed to the VeraCash® rate (spot + premium), and subject to a premium. GoldPremium rate - Learn more

Silver icon VeraCash


Backed by silver bullion coins and legal tender coins, indexed to the VeraCash® rate (spot + premium) and subject to a premium.
Silver rate - Learn more

Diamond icon VeraCash


Backed by physical diamonds, indexed to the international spot price.
Diamond live spot rate - Learn more

See how to open your account in less than 5 minutes

Four simple steps to open your account: free, secure and paperless

Less than 5 minutes: that’s how long it takes to create an account in the VeraCash® app or on our website. There’s no subscription, no minimum income or minimum deposit required and, above all, no paperwork to complete. You will just need to confirm your identity, gain full access to your account and receive your payment card.

  • 1. Profile
  • 2. Documents
  • 3. Credit distribution
  • 4. Top-up
  • 5. Debit distribution
  • 1. Fill out your personal information

    Fill out the registration form with your personal information to generate: a username, a login ID, and choose a four-digit password. Make sure to remember these, as you will need them to sign in to your VeraCash® account later.

    Once you have registered, you can complete your profile at My Account > My information.

  • 2. Submit the required documents

    Before validating any inscription, we need to trust you as much as you trust us. As such, we need to verify that you are indeed the person you claim to be, so VeraCash® will ask you for : a legible copy of your official identification, a proof of address and and a copy of any document showing your bank account number.

    You can take photos of these documents on your mobile phone and upload them to our website or—even more easily—via our app.

  • 3. Manage your distribution

    Your distribution is set to 100% GoldSpot by default, meaning you will only buy GoldSpot when you top up your account. Want to buy other assets? No problem. Simply go to My Account > My distribution and choose your personal distribution between gold, silver and diamonds.

    Tip: You can change your distribution at any time between purchases.

  • 4. Top-up to buy precious metals

    Ready to top up your account? Great! You will need to make your first deposit by sending a bank transfer* to your personal VeraCash® IBAN. No minimum amount is required and, once this transfer is processed, you will soon be able to top up by bank card.
    Tip: interbank processing can take up to 72 hours, so credit your account as soon as you can – even if it’s just by EUR 10!

    * Funds transferred to your VeraCash® account must come from a bank account held by the VeraCash® account holder. Funds cannot be accepted directly from third parties at this point.

  • 5. Spend however you like

    Save or spend your precious metals, the choice is yours! Here too, you have complete control over your debit distribution, i.e. the material that will be used when you make a payment or withdrawal by card, or even if you transfer VRC to another member.

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