VeraCash Debit Card

Pay with gold in a fully transparent way

Pay for your everyday purchases with gold – that's what the VeraCash Mastercard payment card allows you to do. The VeraCash card is unique because it is connected to your VeraCash account, which is backed by gold or silver. But isn't it outdated or even impossible to pay with gold? Open an account free of charge and check it out for yourself!

  • Mastercard® payment card
  • The card is free with no hidden charges
  • No fees when used abroad
  • Compatible with contactless payment
  • No income requirements
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Pay with contactless

Place your card on the terminal and it's paid for! Contactless payment authorises up to 3 transactions each with a maximum of €50. Activate or disable contactless using the mobile app.

Freeze or unfreeze your Mastercard®

No need to panic! Freeze it from your mobile app in just one tap. Did you find it again? Unfreeze it! Didn't find it? Order a new one!

Protect your purchases with 3D-Secure

The idea is simple but powerful: on payment pages with the Verified by Mastercard® Secure Code logo, you can verify your identity as cardholder by entering a unique security code received by SMS.

Track your transaction history at a glance

Track your account activity in real time. Your transaction history is updated instantly: card payments, withdrawals, account top-ups, loyalty rewards, etc.

Travel abroad with no fees

The VeraCash payment card is accepted by almost 40 million merchants and you can withdraw from over 2 million ATMs. All of this, anywhere in the world, with no fees!
It’s the ideal card for travel outside the Eurozone, as no fees are applied. No surprises when you return from your travels: VeraCash applies the Mastercard exchange rate – close to the interbank exchange rate.

Terminal de paiement par carte bancaire
pouvoir d'achat panier

Boost your buying power

The VeraCash card gives you much more than a traditional prepaid card! It gives a boost to your buying power: the grams of gold and silver vaulted in your VeraCash account can increase in value from the time when you buy them to the present moment! Your VeraCash wallet tracks the price of gold, and so does your buying power!

What are the limits on the card?

The default limit on the payment card is €500 per day. Limits can be increased or decreased from your Member's area, under My payment card, subject to the maximum authorised limit.

Transactions Default daily limit Maximum daily limit Maximum weekly limit Maximum monthly limit
Payments and withdrawals combined €500 €3000 €21000 /
ATM* withdrawals €500 €1000 €1000 €1000

Sign up to VeraCash and receive your card free of charge

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Who can get the card?

The VeraCash account opening is only for residents of the European Economic Area. Once your account is validated, the payment card is issued and sent to you!