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Internet payment security: everything you need to know about PSD2 and strong authentication

This new European Directive for Internet payment service providers (PSD2) aims to provide consumers with even greater protection against the risk of electronic payment fraud. The aim of this European…

Les 6 drapeaux des pays composants les BRICS

A future gold currency for BRICS?

Although BRICS share the ambition of reshaping the world order and challenging the monopoly of the dollar with a gold currency, they have a long way to go...

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Bank run: Do we need to worry about a wave of banking panic?

At the moment, there is a new wave that is not talked about as often : the banking panic or 'bank run'. However, it is a risk that is directly correlated to the loss of confidence in a commercial…

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How can we prepare for the currency war?

Once you realize that the States can wage war against one another by means of liquidity injections and quantitative easing, you will find there is cause for concern.

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Who creates money?

What is fiat money? What is bank money? What is money creation? Find all the answers in this article.

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A safe asset in high financial demand

Despite an official discourse that tries to discredit investment gold and keep it away from savers, one cannot help but notice the growing appetite of institutions for this safe-haven asset that they…

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VeraCash Youth Accounts: the stars of the 2nd edition of VeraCash AfterWork ?

On November 30th, VeraCash announced the launching of youth accounts during its annual afterwork event. More details about this new feature in the article!

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Payment institution or an agent, VeraCash assumes its choice!

VeraCash explains its partnership with Prepaid Financial Services, an Electronic Money Institution, to issue its prepaid card backed by precious metals.