Ignacio and Nicolas, COO and CMO

VeraCash® is committed to fundraising to strengthen its reputation as an atypical neobank.

In order to finance some ambitious developments that are much sought-after by our user community, we need to go through a phase of fundraising to allow us to move quickly whilst…

VeraCash and VeraOne superheroes

Gold-backed stablecoin: the differences between VeraOne and VeraCash

Learn more about our new project: VeraOne, a stablecoin based on physical and real gold! We explain all the differences between VRO and VeraCash

KYC procedure on VeraCash

What is KYC – and why is it necessary?

VeraCash is available in most of the countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), so we wanted to give you some more information about KYC and the related steps involved in…

New version of the VeraCash app

Version 1.3 of the app brings our referral program

The update to the version 1.3 of the app has brought a game-changing new feature: the referral program. Learn more about it and the fixes made on the app.

Young woman holding a VeraCash card

VeraCash card – cheaper than a bank card abroad…

Try yourself this little experience: compare the exchange rate fees between a bank issued card and a VeraCash card when abroad, and you'll be surprised!