chambre forte ouverte sur une montagne d'or - article sur la tokenisation

Understanding the difference between the price and value of gold

The current era is one of judging value through price. This marketing vision, which has been successful for a large number of brands, whether in the luxury sector or not, cannot be applied to gold.

Bureau de la FED, équivalent BCE

ECB, FED: 8 questions to understand their role in the economy

Essential to the monetary balance as well as to the financial stability, central banks seem to have become the guarantors of the very survival of the world economy. Real or exaggerated?

Why doesn’t an ounce of gold weigh an ounce?

The ounce is now the smallest official unit of mass for gold. And yet, strange as it may seem, it does not really weigh an ounce as defined in the measurement system.

Balance bitcoin pièces d'or ledger

Do we really need to choose between physical gold and bitcoin (BTC) ?

Behind the story, which some might see as the umpteenth telling of the battle between old and young, we can discern the collision of two economic models, but are they actually so incompatible? And…