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All about precious metals🥇

Gold and silver are the only tangible assets that have maintained their value through time and crisis. At VeraCash®, they are the underlying assets of your account.

9 good reasons to invest in silver

Nine Good Reasons to Invest in Silver

Is silver a good investment? Is this a good time to buy? How do I invest in silver? These are just some of the questions that may come to mind when considering silver.

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Manage your money 💶

Here we help you make the most informed decisions about managing your money and savings.

How does the easing of our monetary policies affect our buying power?

All summer long, you undoubtedly heard about the easing of monetary policies around the world, but do you know what that actually means?

Printing 100 Euro banknotes

Who creates money?

What is fiat money? What is bank money? What is money creation? Find all the answers in this article.

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Pay with gold 💳

Payment is undergoing a revolution, pay for your everyday purchases in gold with a debit card or by sending value, anywhere in the world, instantly and free of charge.

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Backstage 🌟

The world is constantly changing and so is your VeraCash® account! Keep up to date with our latest news.

VeraCash Youth Accounts: the stars of the 2nd edition of VeraCash AfterWork ?

On November 30th, VeraCash announced the launching of youth accounts during its annual afterwork event. More details about this new feature in the article!

Spotlight on business accounts with the app version 1.5

Professionals can now open a VeraCash account via their mobile app thanks to the latest version update. Some bugs have been fixed too - learn more about them.

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