The VeraCash personal account

A personal account and a free bank card, backed by tangible precious metals. Outside the banking system, no hidden fees, no commissions on your foreign payments. A golden account for personal use.
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The VeraCash personal account is the assurance of an account and a payment card outside the banking system, guaranteed by tangible safeguards. Regain your financial independence from commercial banks: hidden fees, tax fraud, money laundering, it stops now!
Take back control of your money.

Buy gold the safe way

It’s not just an account and a debit card: it’s also a digital currency, representing the value of the assets you own in the form of precious metals. In addition, VeraCash stores your gold at the Geneva Free Ports and Warehouses where annual audits are conducted to ensure the physical existence of 100% of the assets backing VeraCash members’ accounts. VeraCash is a French company and as such is subject to annual audit by :

As a French company, VeraCash must have its accounts validated by auditors. The latter verifies that the accounts correspond to the activity and ensures that the business model is sustainable.

Since physical precious metals are used to cover VeraCash accounts, we regularly purchase materials (coins and bars) which are then sent to the Ports-Francs and Entrepôts de Genève. Customs can verify at any time that our declarations are correct.

Every January, our parent company,, commissions an independent company specialising in precious metals to audit the vaults. The reports are then made available to our customers online.

AMUAC is an independent association of members of the and VeraCash platforms. It defends the interests of our members and represents a key point of contact between the management and the members.

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Spot rate + premium

Backed by legal tender tokens and coins

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International spot rate

Backed by bars

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Spot rate + premium

Backed by legal tender tokens and coins

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Pay and send money with VeraCash

Your gold is 100% legally yours, we keep it for you in a safe place. VeraCash provides you with features that ensure the liquidity of your gold. Use VeraCash as a payment method

Make your gold liquid with the VeraCash card

Your VeraCash Mastercard® debit card allows you to use your precious metals as currency! It's completely free and works anywhere in the world. And because we don't add commissions on currency conversions, it's the best card for travel.

Transfer money for free

Send precious metals to other VeraCash customers for free, in an instant. This feature makes it the ideal solution for money transfers. Sending money abroad has never been so affordable, so easy and so quick.

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Créez votre compte et recevez votre carte Mastercard® gratuitement

Moins de 5 minutes : c'est le temps qu'il faut pour créer un compte depuis l'application VeraCash ou sur le site web. Il n'y a pas d'abonnement, pas de revenu ni de dépôt minimum requis. Il vous suffit de confirmer votre identité, pour avoir un accès complet à votre compte et recevoir votre carte de paiement.

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