The personal golden account

A personal account with a free bank card, backed by tangible precious metals. It is outside the traditional banking system, with no hidden fees and with no commissions on payments made abroad. Simply put, it’s a golden account for personal use.

Choose the best alternative to your bank account

A VeraCash personal account is a guarantee of an account and a payment card outside the banking system, secured by tangible save haven investments. Reclaim your financial independence from commercial banks and say “No more!” to their hidden fees, tax fraud and money laundering.
Take back control over your money!

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Bank-free account

Buy gold in the safest way possible

More than just an account with a prepaid card, VeraCash is also a digital currency which represents the value of the assets that you own in the form of precious metals. In addition, VeraCash stores your gold at the Free Ports and Warehouses of Geneva, where audits are carried out annually to ensure the physical existence of 100% of the assets underlying our members’ accounts. VeraCash is a French company and, as such, is subject to annual inspections by:

  • Statutory auditors

    As a French company, VeraCash must have its accounts validated by a statutory auditor. This one verifies that the statements reflect the activity and makes sure that the business model is sustainable.

  • Customs officers

    As physical precious metals are covering VeraCash accounts, we regularly purchase physical precious metals (bullion coins and ingots) which are then sent to the Geneva Free Ports and Warehouses. Customs can check that our declarations are accurate at any time.

  • External auditors

    Every year in January, our parent company,, mandates an independent company specialized in precious metals to audit our vaults.The reports are then available online to our clients.

  • AMUAC (our members’ association)

    VeraCash is an independent association, which gathers members of the and VeraCash platforms. It defends the interests of our members and represents a privileged point of contact between management and members.

Gold Premium et GoldSpot

Buy gold at the right price

Whoever said gold was an investment reserved for the rich? Not a VeraCash customer, that’s for sure! With VeraCash, you can buy gold instantaneously at any time, at the spot rate and with no minimum balance or minimum salary requirements.

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Silver and diamonds

Buy other precious metals

Your VeraCash personal account also lets you buy silver and diamonds. You can change the distribution of your purchases of precious metals, as well as the distribution of your debits. If you like, you can buy gold and spend from your balance of silver!

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Make payments and send money with VeraCash

Legally, your gold belongs to you 100%. We simply store it for you in a safe place. VeraCash provides functions which ensure your gold’s liquidity. Use VeraCash as a payment method.

Enjoy liquid gold thanks to your VeraCash card

Your prepaid VeraCash Mastercard allows you to use your precious metals as a payment method! It is completely free and can be used worldwide. The fact that we don’t charge any commissions on currency conversions makes it the best prepaid travel card around.

Features of the VeraCash card

Transfer money for free

Send precious metals to other VeraCash customers for free, in an instant. This functionality makes it the ideal solution for funds transfers. Sending money internationally has never been so affordable, so simple or so immediate.

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A golden account for individuals

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