Toilet paper roll next to a pile of bills

Could inflation be both the problem and the solution?

A refresher course on inflation: between hyperinflation in South America and zero inflation in Europe, there seems to be no happy medium.

Money Heist by VeraCash

Money Heist: A lesson on money from the Professor

What happens if the financial institution or the government should waver? The Professor is gambling on the assumption that the Bank of Spain will not be willing to take that……

How does the easing of our monetary policies affect our buying power?

All summer long, you undoubtedly heard about the easing of monetary policies around the world, but do you know what that actually means?

Printing 100 Euro banknotes

Who creates money?

What is fiat money? What is bank money? What is money creation? Find all the answers in this article.

Hands coveting a pile of gold

A safe asset in high financial demand

Despite an official discourse that tries to discredit investment gold and keep it away from savers, one cannot help but notice the growing appetite of institutions for this…

Gold: a safe asset against unconventional monetary policies for crisis recovery

A safe asset against unconventional monetary policies for crisis recovery

After crises, banks often adopt monetary policies that do not make sense and can affect your capital. Gold once again acts as a safe haven.

The Big Short - Ryan Gosling illustration

Is your bank too big to fail?

How did the 4th biggest American investment bank, Lehman Brothers, supposedly "too big to fail", collapsed and lead to a world crisis?

Banks versus gold: bank as a sandcastle and pillar of gold coins

A safe asset to pad your portfolio in uncertain times

"You don't build an empire on snow in the sun". In the same way, one should not build up a capital based exclusively on intangible values, likely to melt (like snow in the sun...)…