Why choose a currency backed by precious metals?

VeraCash VRC is not a virtual currency. Just like the dollar before 1973, the VRC is backed by precious metals, gold and silver, stored in high security vaults in Geneva. Your assets actually exist physically beyond our online register/database. These assets are regularly audited by third-party organizations (1).

As a result, converting part of your cash assets into precious metals strengthens the resilience of your business in troubled times: VRC, as a currency, will continue to circulate, no matter what happens to any other legal tender (2).

Unlike certain virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies, the VRC is fully convertible. In other words not only can you convert euros into VRC, but also VRC into euros.

A mainstay to support your business

VeraCash is now available to corporate customers, making it easier for you to develop your professional activity in a sustainable and responsible way.

Choosing to use VeraCash as a convertible currency not only helps your business increase its turnover, but also creates a positive network effect connecting you, your customers and your suppliers. VRC (VeraCash) stands as a symbol of the value that underlies all the benefits of close collaboration between the members of a community.

Since merely accumulating VRCs brings no particular advantage - apart from a potential capital gain in relation to the price of gold - this debt-free transferable currency is more likely to circulate freely.

A complement for your employees

VRC is not intended as a replacement for any current legal tender, but to be used in addition to these. For example, if your monthly salaries are not paid in full, you can reward and retain your employees in an original way, by paying them bonuses in VRC.

You provide them with a currency based on assets that have proven themselves since time immemorial, a resilient support that retains its purchasing power. They can use their VeraCash as a convenient way to transfer money between themselves, to create a kitty, make everyday purchases, when travelling, for gifts, etc.

How to open a Corporate account

A business account is opened in exactly the same way as for private members, except that the information and documents required obviously concern the company. Simply access the registration form via the web platform or the VeraCash app:

  1. Select the "Pro" tab
  2. Enter your personal and business information
  3. Generate your username, your public ID and choose your secret key
  4. Upload the 5 documents required for your account to be verified
  5. Decide on your choice of precious metals and their distribution
  6. Purchase your precious metals with no minimum amount.

(1)ALS Global, Commissaire aux comptes and French and Swiss Customes.
(2)Imagine a crisis such as 2008, or its aftershock in 2011. Your company may probably experience difficulties in such context (loss of turnover, costs to bear, devaluation of your currency, etc.). An easy way to overcome it would be to sell precious metals in these moments. Precious metals tend to gain value in these contexts and can help to reduce or cancel your losses on other assets.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if VeraCash is declared bankrupt?

The precious metals stored by VeraCash are the exclusive property of our corporate or private customers. This means that they do not form part of VeraCash's assets, are not included in our balance sheet and therefore cannot be used to cover potential losses should the VeraCash company fail.