The VeraCash app offers more and more features, and amongst them, the referral program.

New features included in the version 1.3

• “Touch ID”

We have taken yet another step forward towards even greater security. You can now choose to use the “Touch ID” function, if your telephone is compatible. This enables you to use your fingerprint to access your account and avoids having to enter your secret key. 
Using this feature does not prevent you continuing to connect using your secret key if you wish to.

• Transaction notifications

You will receive notifications of all recent VeraCash account activities.

• Improved navigation

The tabs and return buttons on the “Credit my account” page and the “Send” and “Request” VRC pages have been made clearer, making navigation around the app easier.

The buttons on the dashboard and the price trends have also been revised and improved.

Launching of the referral program

The referral program is now available on VeraCash mobile app. You can refer someone by:

1) Clicking on “Referral program” on the side menu, then enter the referral receiver email address.

2) Sending grammes of gold to someone who is not yet a VeraCash member. Our system will automatically flag you as the referrer.

You will receive 10 VRC for each referral as soon as the referred account is complete and has been approved. After the approval of 10 referred accounts, you will be offered a 40 VRC bonus! Every detail about the referral program will be sent to our members by email.

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