We have been talking about them since early summer, VeraCash business accounts are finally a reality. Professionals can now create their account via the version 1.5 of the application. Here is a quick summary of the many new features included in this update.

Business accounts

It is now possible to create a business account via the application: the procedure is exactly the same as for a personal account, except for a few minor details.

For example, in addition to the three documents indispensable for the verification of your account (proof of identity, proof of residence and bank account details), you will also need to provide a company registration certificate (Kbis for a French company), together with the legal status of the business (or declaration as an “micro-entreprise”, in France, if appropriate). You will be able to send these to us directly via the application.

The home page will also clearly indicate the type of account (business or personal).

Finally, business accounts will be available on the VeraCash website, before the end of 2017.

Version 1.5 – new features

 Favourite contacts 
To make it easier to send VRC to frequent contacts, a “favourite contacts” feature has been added, and will be further developed in the future. From now on, when you want to send or request VRC, a window automatically appears as you enter the D of your recipient and displays the five VeraCash members with whom username you have exchanged most frequently. It will, of course, always be possible to enter the username of your chosen contact manually, simply click on “Enter a new username”. 

 Revised “profile completeness” banner 
The purple “profile completeness” banner that appears during the registration process has been revised to show a summary of the documents to be provided: 3 for personal accounts, 5 for business accounts. The documents that have been sent and approved will be represented by an icon that is greyed out, whilst those pending approval or missing will be represented by a white icon with a small arrow.

Three types of banners (in addition to the “profile completeness” banner) will occasionally appear at the top of your screen, coloured according to type:
– Red banner: indicates an error or a problem
– Orange banner: means you have a new message
– Green banner: for an offer, information or event
Simply click on the banner for full details. 

• Updated information in the “About VeraCash” section
VeraCash is no longer based in Le Mans, the new VeraCash address in Bordeaux is now shown, together with the amount of its business capital. The app version will also be shown at the bottom of page. In other words, if you have downloaded the latest VeraCash application, this should be shown as “Version: 1.5.0”. 

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